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Store your valuables in a safe place

You don't let valuable items lying around but preferably keep them in a safe place. A safe to store your jewels? A locker to keep your keys? Or maybe a secret stash book?

Electronic Safes

Our electronic safes are fit to keep all kinds of valuables. The digital code and anchoring possibilities make our safes harder to crack for unwanted visitors. Whether you want to safely store jewels, important documents or small electronic devices, you will find the perfect model in our range.

Storing Keys

We offer different possibilities to store your keys. Do you often lose your keys? Then our key safes are without doubt a must-have. Our range includes small and large key safes, with or without lock. Have a look in our range and discover some interesting key lockers if you like to share your keys (e.g. for home nursing).

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Posted on 10/10/18

USA - English (UK)