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New : Outdoor lamps for the right mood

Outdoor lighting is very practical, and when chosen carefully, it will also create the right mood. Perel's new outdoor lamps will add atmosphere to your terrace or garden in no time.

Stylish design

Their sleek design fits in almost any environment. The lamps also look very stylish during the day. The spherical lamps are made of plastic and are weatherproof (IP65). So you can use them in the rain without any risks. They are available in three sizes: 25, 38 and 45 cm.

Pick a colour

Looking for the right colour for every situation? You can achieve this very easily by using RGB led bulbs in the outdoor lamps. Install the bulb in the fixture and use the remote control to select the colour you want. Change from bright light to an atmospheric colour with just the push of a button. Or use one of the various effects when having a party.

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Posted on 06/19/18

USA - English (UK)